Kanuka Engineered Wood Products Processing Factory, Hastings

Client Requirements

Build a building primarily out of laminated timber, of which the client is the manufacturer. Design the building so that there are no internal supports or columns to provide the absolute best use of space possible.

Our client wanted to build a building in which they would manufacture their own product, namely laminated timber. This would showcase their product in the best way possible and provide clear a testimony to its true strength, quality and durability.

Technical Details

Awards: NZ Timber Design Award, Commercial Engineering Excellence (Winner) 2008
ACENZ – Innovate NZ Award of Excellence 2008 Award of Merit

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

Scope: Provide a 60 metre wide building with no internal supports. To use primarily laminated timber, which is the product that is manufactured within the building once it is complete.

Design Categories: Structural Design, Building Design Rationalisation

Case Study Challenges

Creating a design that would allow a 60 metre span with no internal supports or columns.

Working out how to make the laminated timber work within the design itself – using lots of small pieces and making it work as one whole unit.

Understanding the strength of the laminated timber and how to use this in the best possible way.

How to join the laminated timber successfully.

Case Study Resolution

The resulting building has a modern twist on a huge 60 metre clear span, bow string truss built in glue laminated timber with nail plate connections. The solution required extensive collaboration between the designer (Structural Concepts Ltd), builder (Richard Kepka Builders Ltd) and manufacturer (Kanuka Engineered Wood Products Ltd). The building is impressive for its size, more so, knowing it is made of relatively small pieces.

Because timber was the main element in this building every part of the process was able to remain within Hawke’s Bay. This made the building both cost effective and more sustainable. Laminated timber is not only a renewable product, it has a greater fire resistance than steel (which tends to buckle in high temperatures). The laminated timber beams simply char.

Want To Get Technical?

The large roof trusses, which are integral to the design, make up the majority of the 300 cubic metre of Pinus Radiata laminated wood used in the building. The bottom chords of the trusses have been laminated with Douglas Fir for added strength. Metal components in the building have been kept to a minimum, with timber used for the framing and the majority of the building. Nails and cleats have been used for every connection, bar the brace bays. The exclusion of bolts in favour of nails means less slippage and reduced costs.

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