Design a Building That Works Without Compromise With the Building Design Rationalisation Process

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Design a Building That Works Without Compromise With the Building Design Rationalisation Process

Buildings That Work

There’s nothing worse than completing structural work and realising the building has changed so much from it’s intended design that it’s no longer fit for purpose due to decisions made along the way. Structural Concepts ensures your building or structure will work for its intended use through the Building Design Rationalisation process.

What is Building Design Rationalisation?

With most Structural Engineers, structural integrity and resilience comes first, whilst compromising on building use, budget and layout.

Building Design Rationalisation puts the building use and layout first, sitting alongside the budget. The structure is then worked around these three characteristics, providing the best possible solution for your building and its purpose. Structural integrity and resilience remains high in the outcome of the build, with this being worked around the solutions we come up with.

Building Design Rationalisation

Challenging but Doable

Building Design Rationalisation is not always an easy thing to achieve and certainly requires the designer to work outside normal design parameters and think laterally. This type of thinking is particularly important in buildings within the food processing industry or which require large open areas, and where a building is being strengthened.

Heritage Buildings and Structures need Building Design Rationalisation

Heritage Buildings and Structures also require Building Design Rationalisation to ensure the integrity of the Heritage fabric is kept in place. The last thing you want in a Heritage Building or Structure is the required strengthening being visible, as this takes away the true magnificence and beauty of the structure. Strengthening these culturally rich structures needs to be completed with subtlety, whilst keeping the structural integrity strong for future proofing and longevity.

Strengthening an existing building, which is not designated Heritage, also requires some subtlety. Ultimately you want any strengthening to blend in and look part of the original design.


Providing the Best Outcome for You

Achieve the best outcome for your new building or earthquake strengthening and ensure your building is fit for its intended use with our proven Building Design Rationalisation process.
We’ve been trusted to get the best possible solution for buildings, building layout and budget on a number of building projects



Building Design Rationalisation Projects

  • Curators House (Heritage)
  • Sign of the Takahe (Heritage)
  • Heinz Watties Frozen Foods Layout
  • Gourmet Blueberries Packing Shed
  • PGG Wrightson Maize Dryer Development


Structural Concepts Limited are the only engineers I use.  They’re about getting the job done as economically as possible and are consistently thinking outside the square.”

Rodney Green

(Bluewater Hotel/Quality Inn)


Garry’s a likeable guy – he’s approachable and has outstanding ideas. Structural Concepts Ltd has a no-stress, no-fuss way of working, they’re always very accommodating and will tell you like it is! They’re a very professional team and the service they provide is top-notch!”

Mike Simmons

Red Stag Timber

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