Structural Concepts Ltd is a Professional Engineering Company working in the building design and construction sector specializing in structural engineering and design.

The company was originally incorporated on the 6th of May 2003 by Garry Newton as Garry Newton Ltd. Later, on the 7th of May 2008 the Company’s name was changed to Structural Concepts Ltd. The company was set up for the purpose of providing specific knowledge and skills to valued clients and work sectors.

Structural Concepts Ltd strongly believes in recognising the specific needs of each of its client’s and their businesses. We believe it is essential to know how our client and their business operates so as to be able to complete a building plan and design that meets their needs, with the best possible outcome for them in all areas of their project.

We strongly believe that personalised service brings great results. This brings a sense of responsibility and ownership to projects we have been involved in.

Furthermore, we are focused on delivering innovative, cost effective, efficient and appropriate building solutions for clients to house and support their critical business, plant and product activities.

Structural Concepts Ltd strongly believes in the recognition and support of its Staff to develop into the best that they can be.

Structural Concepts Ltd is committed to providing accurate documentation and ensuring quality control is provided at every level through internal auditing and review.

One of the passions (and huge privileges we have been offered) within Structural Concepts Ltd is bringing heritage buildings, monuments, etc back to life and good working condition.

Structural Concepts has a relaxed, casual work environment with a fun and dynamic team. Our diverse range of skills, along with our contacts, allows us to achieve outstanding results for all of our clients.

We are always working further afield than our Napier office, having worked in all major cities in New Zealand along with many others in the provinces, such as Masterton, Palmerston North, Gisborne, New Plymouth, Rotorua, Timaru, Blenheim to name but a few.

These days we regularly work in the East Coast taking in Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Masterton, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and Wellington.  The Western side of the North Island is also visited regularly from Manawatu to Wellington.  

Our philosophy is to partner with the best which gives us the ability to lead any project from start to finish and provide our clients with a ‘one stop shop’. The benefit of this is that our client’s project is fully managed by our team, saving them both time and money, as well as the fact that we are providing a simple, stress free co-ordination on their behalf.

If you are searching for a visionary engineering and design company with a strong eye for detail and perfection, that cuts across new territory and makes a statement with every project then you have found who you are looking for.


Welcome to Structural Concepts Ltd…

You may be wondering what an Emajineer® is… An Emajineer® is an Engineer who uses their imagination whilst being innovative and creative. They are not limited by the boundaries of common knowledge — they look at the whole picture along with the client’s needs and create new and dynamic possibilities.

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