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Auckland has some instantly recognisable buildings that thousands of people see every day. Yet only a few think of the expertise of the structural engineers that were tasked with making sure these landmarks stand up to the stresses placed on them by man, nature and time.

Auckland’s Structural Engineering Marvels

The Sky Tower is one the most recognisable landmarks in Auckland and cost a staggering 75 million NZD to build. Work started in 1994 and was completed in 1997. The tower will withstand winds in excess of 200 km/h (120 mph) and to sway up to 1 metre (39 in) if they get excessively high. When you think that it was designed and built to withstand a level 8 magnitude earthquake within a distance of 20 kilometres you can start to see the incredibly important job of the structural engineer.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

The famous bridge across Waitemata Harbour was originally constructed between 1955 and 1959 and is New Zealand’s largest bridge and the one with the largest span. This constantly maintained and upgraded structure is one of the greatest challenges for structural engineers who are even today having to incorporate new materials and techniques to manage the increasing loads and fatigue placed on the bridge.

There are other structures in Auckland, the town hall, the ferry building and Grafton Bridge, for example, which are high on the list of tourist spots to visit.

Structural Engineers In Auckland

It has been said that if a structure was a human body then the architects would be concerned with the shape and appearance and the structural engineers would be responsible for the skeleton and its sinews.

One of the oldest types of engineer, structural engineers have been around since the days where tree branches were tied together to make vines for building shelters. Nowadays, we are professionally engaged to work alongside other engineering sectors such as architects and civil engineers as part of a construction team to build and repair structures from heritage buildings, office buildings and bridges, to stadiums and skyscrapers.

As Auckland grows its population and its businesses, the need for more buildings to house these companies and their families increases as well. By using a well respected extremely competent company with a proven history in economical, professional structural engineering services, you are protecting your investment by getting it right first time.

We design, draught, manage and report from the very first visualisation of the project right through to completion and ensure compliance to all regulatory bodies.

Our own Structural Engineering projects include

A Structural Engineers’ Role

The principle role of a structural engineer remains the same, we are tasked with providing an accurate estimation of safe weight maximums on bridges, the storm force winds a warehouse or facility can withstand, the magnitude of tremors a skyscraper can endure during an earthquake as well as ensuring that materials and resources required are used efficiently. Structural engineers provide crucial information about roof types, foundations, floors, steel beams, material quality, retaining walls, and much much more.

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